Chakra Test for Websites - Experimental

Chakra positionsAre you interested in having the Eclectic Energies Chakra Test on your website?

As an experiment, to see how this goes, I am offering to have the chakra test on a limited number of other websites.

How it works

The idea is that you let me create a version of the chakra test that has the styling and the menu of your own website, and that you link to that, as if it's part of your website. You can see an example of that at

The part of the website address before the "" can be the name of your company or website (only alphanumeric characters). So if your company would be named "Eclectic," the address could be


In order for your website to qualify for having the chakra test, you must be offering some kind of service to clients, or sell items, that has something to do with chakras. Also, your website has to have its own descriptions of the chakras, that must not differ too much from the views on Eclectic Energies. You can not use the copyrighted articles that are on Eclectic Energies for that.


As this is currently still an experiment, you have to reckon with the possibility that things may at times not work properly. Of course, I will do my best to solve problems as soon as I possibly can.

If all seems to go well for your particular website, and for me, I'll decide that this is no longer experimental. You will then either have to start paying a fee that is related to the number of people completing the chakra test for your website, or stop using it as a part of your site.


If you have any questions, please contact me with the contact form.

Application form

Please use this form to apply for having the chakra test on your website.

Please include what services you are offering