Energy, Intent and the Ego

Written by © Ewald Berkers

The things described in the other sections of this site all have something to do with the ego and the unconscious.

Energy blockages - Chakras, Acupressure and Energy Exercises

Our suppression of feelings also blocks the energy of the chakras and acupressure. When we suppress a feeling, energy stops flowing. On an energy level, the suppression of feeling is the same as blocking energy.

This blockage of energy is detrimental to us, just as the blockage of feeling stops us from being ourselves. With the energy techniques in the sections about the chakras, acupressure and energy exercises, some of these blockages can be unblocked. This then gives us access to feelings and capacities again.

Will and intent - the I Ching

The I Ching oracle can show us what we or others are intending. Our view of that is often obscured by emotions and defenses, and that may be a reason to consult this oracle. When we ask the oracle to tell us about our current situation, we get to know what intent is there.

In the I Ching there is advice that helps so as to not get entrapped in the superego. When it says that something is "without fault," which it actually does quite often, it is usually in situations where our superego might be telling us that something is wrong, when there, in fact, isn't. It thereby protects us from feeling guilty, or worrying about making things right that already are right.

Our personalities - the Enneagram

Our personalities are structured in standard ways, that the Enneagram describes. In the Enneagram system, there are 9 distinct personality structures, one of which dominates our personality. The one dominating is called our Enneagram type.

Knowing about our Enneagram types can help us see and understand things about ourselves. Descriptions about our types from books can be helpful with that.

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