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Advertisements on Eclectic Energies

One can have advertisements placed in a column to the right of the articles on Eclectic Energies. These need to adhere to a number of conditions.


Eclectic Energies offers the possibility to advertise with text advertisements, to the right of the articles, in 1 or more fitting sections of the website.

Conditions to the advertisements

The advertisements need to adhere to a number of conditions:

  • Text only (no pictures, animations or scripts).
  • Maximum of 3 lines.
  • The lines need to fit in the advertisements column, which boils down to about 25 characters per line. .
  • Not intrusive (no words in all capitals, more than one exclamation mark, not bold).
  • A single link can be used, from words in the text. The link needs to go directly to the website where the landing page is (url shorteners, like, are not allowed).
  • What is offered must be on the same subject as the section where the advertisement is placed. In the Enneagram section, for example, there can be advertisements for Enneagram workshops, but not for jewelry or NLP. In the I Ching section advertisements for an I Ching website or personal I Ching consultation are admitted, but not for Tarot or astrology.
  • Whether or not an advertisement is according to these rules, is to be judged by the owner of Eclectic Energies. Modifications may be requested that are not mentioned in these conditions.


The following sections are available to advertise in (detailed overview):

  • Acupressure
  • Chakras
  • Ego and the Unconscious
  • Energy
  • Enneagram
  • I Ching
  • Meditation and Exercises
  • Mudras

Advertisements can be placed in multiple sections, if this makes sense. An advertisement for a Qigong workshop, for example, could be placed in the section Meditation and Exercises, as well as the Energy section.

Design and Limitations

Not all pages in a section have advertisements. The index pages (with a list of the pages in the section, like for example this one), and pages with the questionnaire of one of the personality tests (chakra test or enneagram test) do not have advertisements.

Per web page, a maximum of 3 advertisements is shown.

Depending on the screen width, advertisements are shown either on the right, or the bottom of a page (see example on this page). The design of the advertisement space is chosen in such a way, that advertisements are clearly present, and are indicated as such, without being intrusive.

The advertisement text is displayed using a standard font, with a set size. Links are displayed in green and underlined.

The links are coded in a way, that they do not contribute to the position in Google's search results (technically, the attribute rel="nofollow" is in the links).

Comparing several advertisements

It is possible to have several advertisements at the same time, where one part of the website visitors get to see one of these, and the other visitors the other advertisements (A/B testing). After some time, the number of clickthroughs of these advertisements can be compared, and optionally one can continue with the best performing ad.

For this, no cookies or another form of tracking are used. Technically, an arbitrary and impersonal calculation is performed on connection data, from which is decided which advertisement is sent to the browser. Normally, the same advertisement will always be sent to a paricular browser, while the computer doesn't move to a different internet connection.

Costs, and counting of pageviews and clickthroughs

Fees need to be paid preceding the actual display of the advertisements, for a set number of pageviews by visitors of the website, or a set time period.

Not counted are pageviews and clickthroughs:

  • Repeated requests by the same browser, that are cached in that browser.
    Webpages that do not have a constant appearance, like pages that have a login option, will not be cached. Because of that, this will not happen on these pages about advertisements.

No cookies or tracking are used to count pageviews, to prevent having to adhere to Dutch cookie law, which would mean having to ask permission for this from site visitors, or future international laws demanding to respond to the Do-Not-Track header.

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Do the Eclectic Energies
Enneagram Test, and
discover your personality type.
Buy PDF with all articles
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