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Try out an Emotions Coach session

If you would like support dealing with your feelings, you can have sessions with the Emotions Coach (the author of this website). Sessions are over chat on this website.

Try-out coaching session
(obtain username and password)

 $  USD

Buy a try-out session, and see whether this works for you. If it does, you can buy more sessions. They cost $ 9.90 per 15 minutes. You can buy a try-out session once.

Skype Sessions are chats on the website. If you would like to skype instead, please make an appointment on my new website "Process your Emotions".

What the Emotions Coach does

The Emotions Coach will ask you questions, to help you look at your feelings and underlying motivations. He can also explain things about feelings and the unconscious to you. This helps you process your feelings, allowing you to deal with situations in a more calm and conscious manner.

What you get

After buying your try-out session, you get an email with a username and password, to log in to the Coaching part of Eclectic Energies. You can then chat with the coach, and read extra information that will help you work through feelings.

You can make an appointment, or check whether the Emotions Coach is available when you want a session. The website can alert you to his availability with a sound.

First a Try-out Session, then regular Sessions

By acquiring a Try-out Session, you get a username and password. You need these for buying more sessions. You can do this in your session list, when you are logged in.

If you have any questions, please contact the Emotions Coach (Ewald Berkers).