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Written by © Ewald Berkers
"Yijing" is the same as "I Ching". Though commonly used, "I Ching" is in fact an outdated spelling.
The official modern spelling is "Yijing".

The Yijing / I Ching eBook available from this site contains a very clear text. Some other Yijing translations are ambiguous, or beat around the bush instead of coming to the point. This makes it hard to find out what exactly the Yijing is trying to say to you when you have consulted it.

Comparison of Eclectic Energies Yijing and the Wilhelm/Baynes I Ching.

Not the Eclectic Energies Yijing.

This Yijing text is clear and concise. When you ask the oracle a clear question (how to ask useful questions is discussed in a special chapter), you do get a clear answer.

Buy the Yijing eBook, or test this Yijing on this website first, with the online consultation. You can download a sample of the eBook to see what it's like.

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For more information about the Yijing itself, read the introduction.

The Eclectic Energies Yijing was translated from the original ancient Chinese by the author of this website, Ewald Berkers.