New I Ching/Yijing translation

Written by © Ewald Berkers

The I Ching/Yijing text on this site was changed, as of March 2007. It has been replaced by one made by the author of this site, translated from the original Chinese text.

I'm hoping to have written a translation and commentary of the I Ching that is more clear and accurate than what was on this site before. I also hope it to be more helpful and supporting.

I also made a more simple and clear consultation page, that only shows the relevant hexagram texts. I decided not to add the text which is called "The Image" in the Wilhelm/Baynes translation that used to be on this website. This text was written later than the core text of the I Ching, and in my view it doesn't always fit particularly well with the original hexagram texts, while it is built upon a different value system. With The Image come the trigrams, which I also decided to leave out, as I think that the core text can speak for itself.

I've found the core text of the I Ching to be inaccurately translated by Wilhelm/Baynes. Also, this text is, in fact, more sexist than the original Chinese text, and it adds elements of Christianity that have nothing to do with the ancient Chinese culture the I Ching is coming from. Therefore, I do not recommend using it.

You can buy the Yijing/I Ching as a PDF eBook.
It is also available as a software program for Windows PC's, with a way to keep a journal of your consultations.

Ewald Berkers

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