Acupressure Points for Enneagram type 3

Written by © Ewald Berkers

Acupressure points for emotional well-being, recommended for Enneagram type 3. Their location, photograph, use and warnings are listed.


location of SI-19 Name: Palace of Hearing (Small Intestine 19)
Location: Near the ear, just before the small projection in front of the ear canal. The point is located in the depression that forms when the mouth is opened.
Use: Press.
Warning: Don't use on a regular basis; this point is meant for gaining insight only.
Effects: To focus and listen to one's heart and the hearts of others.


location of SP-6location of SP-6 Name: Three Yin Intersection (Spleen 6)
Location: On the inside of the lower leg, one hand width (four fingers) above the tip of the ankle bone, on the back of the shin bone.
Use: Press.
Warning: Don't use this point during pregnancy.
Effects: Calms, relaxes and reduces irritability. Heals effects on the body of too much fear, worrying and thinking. (Also used for gynaecological conditions.)


location of TB-17 Name: Wind Screen (Triple Burner 17)
Location: At the bottom part of the ear, behind the earlobe, in the depression the size of a fingertip.
Use: Press.
Effects: Makes less sensitive to what people think of you.

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