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Privacy statement (English)

Eclectic Energies privacy statement for the English language section.

Email contact

You will not receive unsolicited mail through this site. No newsletter is sent. Your email address will not be supplied to others.


When you purchase something from this site, your email address that you use with PayPal and your name and country are stored in a database, along with the purchase information. These will only be used for individual customer care.

Use of personal information

Visitors for who the GDPR or the LGPD applies may, for compliance with those, get a different user experience regarding privacy sensitive parts of the webpages. These are visitors with an IP address from the following countries:

  • EU countries
  • EEA countries, namely Island, Norway, Liechtenstein
  • The United Kingdom
  • Brazil

Ads from Google AdSense are set to restrict data processing, meaning that ads are not personalized, and user data is not sold. Thus there is compliance with the Californian CCPA.

A commission is earned by Eclectic Energies, when, after you click on a link to Amazon, you buy something there. To which country's Amazon store links go is determined from your IP address.


Cookies are a system for remembering information between visits to webpages.

This website uses cookies on some pages to remember user preferences and improve user experience. Such cookies do not require your permission.

Logins use cookies. Some of the advertisements use cookies (see beneath). Other websites you arrive at after clicking any kind of ad usually do.

Specifics about ads using cookies

  • Book recommendations that link to Amazon do not use cookies on this website.
  • The text ads on this website (not always there) do not use cookies.
  • Other ads (currently not there) are from Google AdSense and do use cookies. These are not used for personalizing ads on this website. They are used for limiting the amount of times you see an ad, count how often ads are seen and clicked, and to combat fraud and abuse. For more information, see this webpage about Google AdSense policies.

EU/GDPR cookie permissions

Visitors from the EU or UK, so for who the GDPR applies, at this moment do not get cookies on the English language section of this website for which consent is legally needed. This may, however, change in the future.