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The Yijing / I Ching oracle

Consult the I Ching oracle online, or throw your own coins, or enter a hexagram. Clear and unambiguous I Ching translation and explanation of the meanings.

Consult the I Ching

Here are three different options to consult the oracle. Some will prefer that a computer throws the coins for them, as it is quicker, others like to throw real world coins.

Online Journal

This translation of the I Ching

Buy the I Ching from this website

  • Buy the I Ching as a PDF eBook
    The I Ching translation from this website, with hexagram chart, chapter about forming questions, and the Images.
    147 pages Letter-format (fits also on A4). This PDF is included with the I Ching software.
  • Buy the I Ching with Journal as software
    I Ching oracle software, similar as on this website. With a searchable Journal and extended features. Included is the I Ching PDF.
    For installation on a Windows PC.