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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that I get asked repeatedly. Please check out if your question is among them.

About Chakras

What chakras should I work on?
Please read the articles about working on your chakras, and opening your chakras.
None of my chakras are under-active, according to the chakra test. What options do I have?
Meditation is always a good idea, as said in the text about working on your chakras. Also, the other things discussed on Eclectic Energies have an effect on the chakras. You might give these a try.
What are the cut off percentages for over-active, under-active, and open chakras on the chakra test?
The percentages go from -100% to +100%.
The limits where chakras are considered open, under-active or over-active vary with the average of the scores for all 7 chakras. When that average is higher, the values where the chakras are considered to be open are higher too. This is to reflect that balance is also of importance.
Roughly, they're under-active at beneath around 0%, and become designated over-active when over about +70%.
Can I have your chakra test on my website?
Please note that the Chakra Test software that is sold in the Eclectic Energies Shop is intended only to be installed on Windows PC's. It doesn't work on websites.
Where can I find the Questionnaire PDF of the Chakra Test software?
It's in the Windows Start menu, under ProgramsEclectic Energies Chakra Test.
This is also where you can find the "About the Chakras" PDF.
Can you help me finding a chakra healer?
No. I'm in the Netherlands, so I probably aren't even aware of practitioners in your country.
Could you recommend any books about the chakras?
Yes, please check out the books section.

About Acupressure

Can you help me with a physical ailment?
No, I only have some expertise with psychological and spiritual issues.
I recommend consulting an acupuncturist in your neighborhood, or a doctor.
You could also check out the acupressure books section, as there are some books listed that are also about physical ailments.
Can you help me finding an acupuncturist?
No. I'm in the Netherlands, so I probably aren't even aware of practitioners in your country.

About the I Ching

Sometimes there is a resulting hexagram displayed in a consultation, and other times there isn't. Why is that?
As listed in the introduction to the I Ching, when there is a single changing line, a resulting hexagram will not be displayed. This is because it is the author's view that a resulting hexagram will not add anything. All needed information is already in the line text.
If you do want to see the resulting hexagram anyway in that case, you might consider buying the I Ching software. In the Options, you can set it to display the resulting hexagram in all cases, and have the Image texts too.
Will you make Yarrow Stalk probabilities available for consulting?
Short answer: No.
Many seem to believe, that the different statistical probabilities from the Yarrow Stalk method as it is known today, are somehow more accurate than those from the 3-coin method, as on this website. It is supposed, that in Ancient China these different probabilities from the Yarrow Stalk method were prefered, but that convenience made the 3-coin method more popular. However, evidence for this view actually is lacking.
Fortunately, someone did some research, to see what the probabilities were on average, in known consultations from ancient times. You can find it on Clarity's I Ching forum: "Questioning Yarrow Probabilities."
What Bradford Hatcher found there, was that these probabilities actually do not match the Yarrow Stalks method more, but the 3-coin method (the one on this website). So, it seems that the idea that the Yarrow Stalks method, the way it is known today, is what was used in the ancient past, is actually a myth.
It is however possible, that a different Yarrow Stalks method was used in ancient times, one with probabilities that are the same as the 3-coin method.
Then, I find it strange that nature would have a preference for either yin or yang, so that a method with asymmetrical probabilities would be more accurate.
Therefore, I have decided against putting a consulting page with the Yarrow Stalks probabilities on my website. If, however, you do want to use the Yarrow Stalks method with my I Ching text, you can do that by using your own Yarrow Stalks, and enter the hexagrams here.


Can I copy an article or graphic from Eclectic Energies?
No, but you can request permission for doing that. Please read the copyright terms of use. (Keep in mind that everything on this website is copyrighted.)
In general, please just link to the webpage that you want to show to others.
Can I link to your website?
Sure. You really don't need to ask permission for that.
Are you interested in exchanging links with my website?
No. I'm fine with the links that I selected myself.
Can I advertise on your website?
Yes, you can have text ads on Eclectic Energies, if your product is related to one of the subjects on this website. Please check out the possibilities and conditions.
Are you interested in knowing about some system that I'm enthusiastic about?
No, thank you.
Are you interested in buying a domain name?
Are you interested in buying something?
No, I'm not.
Do you send a newsletter?
Where are you located?
I'm in the Netherlands.