About Ewald Berkers

Some information about me, Ewald Berkers, the author of this site.

I live in the Netherlands.

This site Eclectic Energies is more or less the first thing I published. I have authored, designed and programmed it and made the photos. There was a precursor at www.9energies.info that contained the acupressure, chakra and enneagram sections, but without the chakra test, and with just one of the two enneagram tests.

Other related things that I did were:

Since 2005, I am a student of the Ridhwan School for Human Development (Diamond Approach from author A.H. Almaas).

I offer a service to guide you processing your emotions, over Skype.

I have a personal website.
I build websites for a living (I am a web developer).
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To contact me, use the contact page.

Ewald Berkers