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When you want to request a Skype session for guidance with the exercises, please fill in this form. The guide is the author of this website, Ewald Berkers.

You might have questions about doing the exercises for working through feelings, or have difficulty working through some personal issues, that you'd like to be guided with. In the first session, we probably both want to find out whether this works out for you, and whether you'd want more sessions.


Prices and payment

PayPalFor payments, PayPal is used. You will need to be able to pay through PayPal, before the session starts. A session can be between ½ - 1 hour.

Skype session prices per hour
Text chat $ 20.00 USD
Audio chat $ 25.00 USD
Video chat $ 30.00 USD


After sending in the form, you will be contacted by email. We discuss further details then, like how long a session you want, and whether text/audio/video.

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