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Guidance from Ewald Berkers

For guidance with the exercises, I, the author of this website, am available. Here is some background info about me.

In the course of my life, I have gone through considerable emotional development, and in the process I gained a lot of insight into feelings. As this website probably shows, I want to help others too, with this insight and experience.

My development

Since 1998, I have intensely worked with energy approaches, as well as with psychological understanding and working through feelings (or "processing").

Since a for me memorable day in 2006, I haven't skipped a day working through feelings. That day, I realized how to do that while engaged in other activities, and I immediately became very much convinced of the beneficialness of this. Even though I followed my own ways in some respects, I was mostly inspired by what I learned at the Ridhwan School, during my first year as a student there.

"Inquiry" at the Ridhwan School

My approach is loosely based on the "Inquiry" practice of the Ridhwan School. This could be described as a kind of advanced form of Mindfulness meditation. Students are tought to examine their experience, their feelings, sensations and thoughts, and thus work through them. Over the years, I have seen myself, and many of the other students there, become calmer, more themselves, more kind and compassionate, and better able to deal with the situations in their lifes.

Even though I left the school after 11 years (+ a Sabbatical year), mainly because I had moved on with my own views of the psyche, I still highly appreciate the depth psychological teachings I got there. Since then, I have been in a process of deepening my understanding of the psyche and my feeling abilities, by integrating and enhancing the systems of the chakras and acupuncture points.

How I guide

One of the main things that I realized at the Ridhwan School, is how important it is to ask questions. And that is what I will do, I will ask you things about your feelings, in order to guide you into gaining deeper insight into yourself. That also supports working through feelings.

I invite you to ask me things too, when these help you with your development. I gladly explain things about feelings and the psyche, and about how to do the exercises, so as to help you to help yourself.

I have an attitude of compassionate acceptance of all feelings. I don't judge feelings, as that is needed to work through them.


I use Skype for online counseling.

You can choose for either text chat, audio chat or video chat. I recommend that you choose on the basis of which you are most comfortable with. The prices for each differ. The duration can be between ½ - 1 hour.

Skype session prices per hour
Text chat $ 20.00 USD
Audio chat $ 25.00 USD
Video chat $ 30.00 USD

Payments through PayPal

PayPalFor payments, I use PayPal. I will send you a request for making a payment before the session. Please make sure that you make your payment before the chat starts.

Time zone

I'm in the Netherlands, in the CET (Central European Time) zone.

Ewald Berkers