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Working with the Chakras

Some recommendations for working with your chakras

It's generally considered to be best to open the chakras from the lower chakras up. So you make sure that first the Root chakra is open and than you proceed to the Sacral chakra, then Navel, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and finally Crown chakra.

The Root chakra is the foundation. When the Root chakra is open, you're able to feel secure and welcome. Having opened this chakra, you'll feel you'll have territory.
Only when you feel secure and welcome, are you able to express feelings and sexuality appropriately, the domain of the Sacral chakra. This is generally contact with one person at a time. Feelings get you an idea of what you want and when you are aware of that, you can open the Navel chakra, to assert your wants, to decide upon them. This assertion is something that's done between people, in groups, in social situations. Being able to deal with social situations, you can form affectionate relationships, which is the domain of the Heart chakra. This tames the aggression of the Navel chakra. When relationships are formed, you are able to express yourself, by the Throat chakra. This is also the basis of thinking, which makes insight possible, by opening the Third Eye chakra. When all these chakras are open, you're ready for the Crown chakra, to develop wisdom, self-awareness and awareness of the whole.

What period of time you spend on each chakra, is something you'll have to find out for yourself. Be aware of how you feel and what you do and don't do. Notice if you really do need to open certain chakras and if you can sustain higher ones. It's probably a process of years, if not decades, although you'll be enjoying benefits immediately. It will not always be necessary to rigidly follow the order of the chakras, as long as you're aware of what's happening with you.

The test for the chakras can help you determine which ones you'll need to open. However, don't rely on this alone, but also read about the chakras in other contexts.

It's mostly a matter of being aware what your state is. To develop this awareness, it's a good idea to do meditation. That also helps to balance the chakras, and is particularly helpful when you have over-active chakras. Vipassana and Zen meditation are in particular recommended.

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Description of the chakra system, essays on energy and chakra meditations.

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