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Online I Ching Journal

With the Journal you can save your online I Ching consultations at Eclectic Energies, and search them for words, hexagrams, or lines.

The Online Journal has basically the same features as the Windows software sold on Eclectic Energies, but you log in on the website, with a password.

  • Journal added to I Ching consultations, store questions and notes
  • Log in from anywhere
  • Search journal for words, hexagrams, and lines
  • Download consultations as PDF files
  • Unlimited daily number of consultations
  • Options, like for seeing Image text and all changing lines (rather than a maximum of 3)
  • Secured privacy
  • Works on most computers, tablets, and smartphones.
    Windows (Vista or newer), Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

How it works

When you have consulted the I Ching in your usual way, you'll find a "Save to Journal" button in the top right corner of the I Ching text. With this button, you go to a page where you can enter information you want to keep about the consultation. Date and time, and the hexagram numbers and lines, are automatically there. You can enter the question or situation that the consultation was about, and notes about it.

You can search your previously entered consultations. You can search for words in the questions and notes, particular hexagrams or lines, all at the same time.

Privacy and security

A copy of your Journal entries will be stored on the Eclectic Energies server, to make it possible that you can access your Journal from different locations. The connection with this server is over HTTPS, so that it is secure. Your Journal data is also kept on your computer, in a secured way. If you indicated at log-in that you're on a public or shared computer, the Journal data on your computer is erased when you close your browser.

If you want, you can backup your Journal, or remove it entirely.


You can buy access to the I Ching Journal, at PayPal. After payment, you receive an email with a username and password, to log in.

When you have the payment subscription, PayPal automatically makes a payment for you at the beginning of each subscription period.

If you decide you'd want to cancel the payment subscription, you can do so at PayPal, at any time. Or you can contact the author of this website to do that for you.

I Ching Journal Software for on your Windows PC

You can also buy software for on your Windows PC from this site, that basically does the same thing as the online version described here. It does not need an internet connection. It will work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

The I Ching from this website is also available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.

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The Essential I Ching
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The I Ching as available on this website, as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.

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