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I Ching with Journal Software + PDF – $ 37.50   (USD)
I Ching oracle software for installation on a Windows PC, similar as on the website.
  • Works without an internet connection.
  • With a searchable Journal and extended features.
  • Included is a PDF with the entire I Ching text.

Software Check out software screenshots

Needs a computer with:

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
  • Screen size at least 800 x 600

This software will NOT work on the device you are using now!
The computer doesn't use Windows or the Windows version is not right.

Terms and Conditions
product license

License I Ching with Journal Software + PDF

License for:
Eclectic Energies Yijing software
and "Eclectic Energies Yijing" PDF

The Eclectic Energies Yijing software and the accompanying "Eclectic Energies Yijing" PDF file are published by Ewald Berkers on the website and possibly elsewhere as well. They were entirely developed, written and translated from the original Chinese text by Ewald Berkers, who is the owner of the copyright.

In the rest of this license text, the Eclectic Energies Yijing software and the accompanying "Eclectic Energies Yijing" PDF file are referred to as "the Yijing package."

Allowed use

The buyer may install the Yijing package for his or her personal use, or use by others under his or her direct supervision, on a maximum of two computers at a time. Making the software available on a network or on the internet is prohibited.

The Yijing package or parts thereof may not be republished in any way. So, for example, it may not be offered for download on a website, or supplied on a CD, and the PDF may not be offered as a book.
Print outs of actual Yijing consultations from the software may be supplied to the corresponding users of the Yijing software.


The information in the Yijing package is supplied "as is." There is no guarantee that the information is accurate or useful.

System Requirements

The Yijing package needs Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (Desktop) to work correctly. The screen size needs to be 800 x 600 pixels minimum.

Please note:

  • Downloaded products cannot be returned for a refund (see Terms and Conditions).
    Therefore, check out the sample PDF or software screenshots.
  • If you cancel payment at PayPal, you'll return to this webpage.
  • Don't seem to receive the email with the download link after purchasing? Please check your Spam filter.
  • Questions? Contact the author of this website.

Payment subscription I Ching with Journal Software + PDF

Automatic payments

With a payment subscription, payments are done automatically on your behalf every half year, by PayPal.

PayPal calls this a "recurring payment".


You can cancel this subscription payment yourself at PayPal, or request Eclectic Energies to do that for you. You can do this at any time.

Reminder email

Before the next automatic payment, Eclectic Energies sends you a notification by email, so that you have the opportunity to cancel the payment, if you don't want to continue using the I Ching Journal.

Terms and Conditions for Purchases (pdf)

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