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Consult the Yijing / I Ching with real coins


Select coins for line number 1:

coin coin coin

changing to

Here you can enter coins you have thrown yourself for consulting the Yijing / I Ching oracle. The hexagram and its changing lines are calculated automatically, and shown while you're doing the reading. After the coins for the final (6th) line, the relevant hexagram text will be displayed.

You can set your preference for the coins that will appear. There are Chinese coins, American Pennies and Eurocents to choose from.

On this site, the convention is used that two heads and one tails means a broken line (yin) and two tails and one heads a yang line.

You can also throw virtual coins to consult the Yijing / I Ching online, or enter the hexagram lines or numbers directly.

"Yijing" is the modern (Pinyin) spelling for "I Ching".