Eclectic Energies


Be supported dealing with your feelings, by chatting with this online electronic therapist.

This chatbot, Eliza, helps you explore your feelings and your experience. She will help you feel more, which supports your digestion of your emotions.

It is best to enter single, but complete, sentences (in English). You will probably need to forgive Eliza now and then, for not being attuned to what you've said. Just tell what you're feeling, when that happens. Keeping this in mind, Eliza can actually support you, as a kind of free therapy.

What you enter here, is not recorded.
Alternatively, you can do the exercises for working through your feelings.


Ending the session

To end your session with Eliza, you can enter Stop, Bye, or Quit. She will then say goodbye to you, ending the session. (Actually, Eliza will accept some similar other words for this as well.)

If you'd like to start a new session, after having ended one, click the Talk button (or Enter), and then click OK on the dialog box that appears. If you haven't ended the session yet, you can also start a new one directly, by typing Restart or Renew.

Repeat a question

If you want to explore a particular subject for yourself, you can let Eliza repeat a question for you. To do that, enter Repeat:, followed by the question. Eliza will respond with that question, after every answer you give. This will go on until you either enter a new question for her to repeat, or you end the session (see above).

You could, for example enter questions like these:

Repeat: Tell me a way you're inhibiting yourself.
Repeat: Tell me a reason why you're inhibiting yourself.
Repeat: How does it feel to inhibit yourself?

This software is modified and expanded from Elizabot by Norbert Landsteiner, which is based on the original Eliza program by Joseph Weizenbaum (1966).  Current software version is 2.2.11.  Last update was on 29 Feb 2020.