Eclectic Energies

The Ego and the Unconscious

Learn what the ego is, and how it consists of the unconscious. Explore your feelings by chatting with the electronic therapist.

  • The Defensive Ego
    How the ego protects and defends itself from unpleasant feelings.
  • The Unconscious
    What the unconscious is, and how it works.
  • The Superego
    The superego that, in irrational ways, makes us adhere to lots of rules.
  • Being Yourself
    Dealing with the unconscious to be more yourself.

Being real

  • Eliza - Electronic therapist
    Be supported in exploring your feelings, by chatting with this electronic therapist.
  • Energy and Intent
    How the ego and the unconscious relate to the subjects of the other sections of this website.

We all have an ego. We can be hurt by what people say about us, we can be selfish, we want to look good to others, and we lie to avoid trouble. We say that some people have a "big ego."

What is this ego? Though most people take it for granted, it seems a bit like a limitation.

Actually, not everyone does have an ego. Those few who are "enlightened" are supposed to not have one.