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changing to
43   26

43. Deciding

Line 4:

There is no skin on the buttocks,
the journey is about to be halted.
Leading a sheep,
aversion goes away.
Words are heard, but not believed.

Making a clear gesture of surrender, to stop being attacked or punished. Just saying that one surrenders may not be enough to be trusted. The aversion to surrendering will go away.
(Having no skin on the buttocks is a result of punishment. Leading a sheep by hand used to be a gesture of surrender for a besieged city.)

Line 5:

Amaranth on the land,
decide, decide!
Targeted action is without fault.

Encountering something of value in an unusual place and needing to decide whether to take it or not. There is nothing wrong with going for it.
(Amaranth is also called Chinese spinach. Both the leaves and the small seeds are edible.)

Line 6:

Without calling out.
Eventually misfortune occurs.

Not trying to get help. This will result in the problem not getting solved, and things going wrong at one time or another.

Hexagram is changing to:

26. Major Restraint

Major restraint.
It is beneficial to persist.
Not eating at home brings good fortune.
It is beneficial to cross the big river.

Some major problem is holding things back. It is necessary to put quite a bit of time and effort into doing something about it, to make things go well. Don't give up.

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