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changing to
17   13

17. Following

Line 3:

Attaching to the elder man,
one loses sight of the little child.
Following is a search for gain.
It is beneficial to persist staying put.

Connecting more to one's mature aspects, and thereby forgetting about the needs of one's inner child. One is following someone or something in order to have gains from it. It is better to stay in the place one is.

Line 6:

Seize and bind it,
then follow and hold fast to it.
The king brings offerings on Western Mountain.

It is very difficult to get and then keep something, so one needs to put quite a lot of effort into that. Part of the difficulty is being dependent on unwilling others. It is doable, though.

Hexagram is changing to:

13. People Together

People together in the open country.
It is beneficial to cross the big river.
Benefiting the noble one's persistence.

Together with people in a neutral place (not a passionate connection with someone). There is progress. This is a good time for big undertakings. It benefits one's objectives.

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