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Foot massage roller

Reflex zones on the sole of your foot can influence you entire body. How to massage your foot soles using a roller, and some experiments.

Roller for foot soleIn natural health stores, one can buy a roller that's intended to massage the soles of the feet. There are several ways such a roller may be built. The one I have is for one foot at a time and has three separate rollers, but there are also rollers that are for both feet together, or that have only one roller.

On the feet, and particularly on the soles, there are areas that are connected to every part of the body. By massaging a particular area on the sole of the foot, one more or less massages a part (like an organ) somewhere else in the body at a distance. One can feel that part actually become warm while massaging.

This can have a healing effect or can be used to just become a bit more awake. A roller is a simple way to massage the whole foot sole at once, and thereby reaching the bigger part of the body.

There are more body parts that are similarly connected to the rest of the body. The hands, the ears and the face also are.

Rolling a stick under the foot soleOne can become aware of this innerconnectedness by some simple experiment. Roll the sole of your foot on a broom stick (without broom) or a tube or something. While the stick is pressing on different parts of the footsole, you can actually feel it move through your body as well. Actually you can simultaneously feel it moving through your face.

You can do a similar experiment with the palm of your hand.

On the feet, it's not just the sole that has reflex zones. The sides and upper part of the feet are sensitive as well. Keep in mind that these parts aren't massaged by using a foot massage roller.

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