Eclectic Energies

Energy techniques index

Index to the energy techniques for emotional well-being.

Acceptance Mudra
LIV-3 Acupressure
Ask The I Ching
Emotion, too much
P-7 Acupressure
Energy flow
Energy Exercises
Excitement, too much
P-7 Acupressure
Internal emptiness
LU-1 Acupressure
LU-3 Acupressure
SP-6 Acupressure
Listen to one's heart
SI-19 Acupressure
Oneness with the world
Crown Chakra Meditation
Shuni Mudra
KI-6 Acupressure
Sacral chakra
Sacral Chakra Meditation
Spiritual emptiness
LU-9 Acupressure
Third Eye chakra
Third Eye Chakra Meditation
Throat chakra
Throat Chakra Meditation
Unblock emotions
LIV-3 Acupressure

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Acupressure for Emotional Healing
A Self-Care Guide for Trauma, Stress, & Common Emotional Imbalances
by Michael Reed Gach & Beth Ann Henning

Acupressure points for emotional ailments, combined with breathing exercises, stretches and movement routines.
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Mudras for Body, Mind and Spirit
The Handy Course in Yoga [With 68 Cards for Practice]
by Gertrud Hirschi

Beautiful set of 68 cards with mudras.
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Chakra Yoga
by Anodea Judith

Many useful practices to open and activate the 7 chakras.
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Quiet Mind
A Beginner's Guide to Meditation
by Sakyong Mipham, Larry Rosenberg, Edward Espe Brown, Sharon Salzberg, Judith Lief, Tulku Thondup, Richard Faulds

Introductions to various kinds of meditation. Includes audio CD.

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