Eclectic Energies

Energy Healing for
Enneagram Type 3 - The Achiever

Chakra meditations for

Acupressure on points

  • SI-19 to focus and listen to one's heart and the hearts of others
  • SP-6 to relax and unblock repressed emotions
  • TB-17 to become less sensitive to what people think of you

The heart

As Threes get absorbed in the pursuit of validation and success, they tend to cut themselves off from the true desires of the heart. They may even deceive themselves about how they really feel. Working with SI-19 helps Threes get in touch with their own depth and their true feelings.


Working with the Heart chakra helps Threes become more compassionate and sensitive to both themselves and others.

What others think

Threes can relax some of their sensitivity to what others think of them by doing acupressure on point TB-17.


When Threes overwork in their pursuit of success, they often become tense and repress their emotions. Both tension and repressed emotions can be alleviated by working with point SP-6.

Feelings and intimacy

In addition to repressing emotions, Threes sometimes develop a fear of true intimacy. They fear intimacy because they worry that others are attracted to them for the images they project, not for themselves. Or, sometimes, they so identify with their images that they even become afraid of their true feelings and begin to ignore them. As they ignore their feelings, they become increasingly alienated from themselves. Strengthening the Sacral chakra can help Threes feel more capable of dealing with intimacy and the feelings that it arouses.

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