Eclectic Energies

Energy Healing for
Enneagram Type 4 - The Individualist

Chakra meditations for

Acupressure on points

  • LU-1, LU-3 or LU-9 for internal emptiness, making contact to one's inner worth, sadness
  • LI-4 for letting go of grief
  • LIV-3 (reduce) for counteracting depression and letting go of feelings
  • SP-6 to heal effects of too much thinking on the body, smoothing the flow of emotions

Feeling at home in reality

Fours tend to escape reality into a world of idealized fantasy; this weakens their sense of feeling at home in reality. Their tendency to feel unappreciated can also increase this sense of alienation. Strengthening the Root chakra can help to repair the damage caused by the Four's lack of presence in the physical world.


As Fours often focus on what they perceive to be their defects, they tend to lack self-confidence and to have low self-esteem. The resulting lack of assertiveness can be counteracted by doing Navel chakra meditations. This will also help with the Four's tendency to withdraw.

The heart

Opening the Heart chakra can help Fours to be more compassionate toward themselves and others. A strenghthened Heart chakra helps them to connect better to people and to cease obsessing about themselves.

Sadness and depression

Fours are known for their tendency to hold onto sadness and melancholy; they frequently suffer from depressive episodes. The acupressure points discussed below are useful for treating these difficulties.


The acupressure points LU-1, LU-3 and LU-9 are useful for treating the damage that is done to the body from feeling too much sadness. They are also helpful for increasing resistance to such feelings and for increasing a sense of self-worth.

As the Four's lack of a firm a sense of identity and feelings of diminished self-worth are partly rooted in a feeling of internal emptiness, working with the appropriate acupressure points can be helpful for treating the underlying problem.

Letting go of feelings

Fours tend to hold onto their feelings, especially feelings of melancholy and sadness. LI-4 is especially indicated for letting go of such feelings, particularly feelings of loss. LIV-3 is also a useful point to work with when it is necessary to release pent up emotions of all sorts. As the inability to let go of one's feelings is a major cause of depression, working with LIV-3 is an especially beneficial point to access.

Fours find working with point SP-6 to be beneficial for several reasons. Like LIV-3, it has some effect in smoothing the flow of emotions, but it doesn't require the specific acupressure technique (reducing) that is used for LIV-3; it can simply be pressed. Also, SP-6 is indicated for counteracting the fatigue that is often caused by too much thinking, whether it be caused by worrying or endless fantasizing.

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