Eclectic Energies

Energy Healing for
Enneagram Type 5 - The Investigator

Chakra meditations for

Acupressure on points

  • ST-36 for stability and grounding, and to heal effects of too much worrying and thinking on the body
  • SP-6 to relax, and heal effects of too much worrying, thinking and fear on the body
  • KI-6 for enhancing vision, and to heal effects of fear on the body
  • TB-5 for increasing expressiveness and sensitivity to feelings

Thinking and the instinctual centers

The Five's tendency to think too much creates difficulties, as the needs of the body are often overlooked. The instinctual energies are especially important to our overall sense of well being and these energies become weakened from too much thinking. Opening the three instinctual centers, the Root, Sacral and Navel chakras is therefore beneficial.

Grounding and being more present

It is especially important for Fives to strengthen the Root chakra, as this will help to counteract the Five's tendency to feel overwhelmed and to withdraw in response to that. A strengthened Root chakra will help the Five feel more balanced and more present, more in the "here and now." If a Five wanted to choose to work with only one chakra meditation, it ought to be the one for the Root chakra.


As a lack of assertiveness can also contribute to the tendency to withdraw, working with the Navel chakra can also be beneficial, as a strong Navel chakra contributes to a feeling of self-confidence.


The Five's tendency to ignore and hide feelings can actually cause the Five to be alienated from the emotions. Working with TB-5 is indicated as it can help to restore the connection to feelings. As the Sacral chakra is also an important emotional center, strengthening it is also beneficial.

Kindness and compassion

The Five's tendency to maintain distance from other people is also detrimental to the Heart chakra. Maintaining too much emotional distance from others makes it difficult to feel and to exercise kindness and compassion. So, when the instinctual chakras have been strengthened, work on the Heart chakra can take place.

Depletion caused by thinking

As thinking too much requires quite a lot of energy, it tends to exhaust certain energy centers. Doing acupressure on SP-6 and ST-36 energizes these centers. The result is that one has more stamina and feels more stable.


As Fives like to visually analyze their surroundings, good eyesight is especially important. Maintaining good eyesight is not simply a matter of having the right glasses, as there are other factors that influence visual acuity. The amount of energy that the eyes receive partly determines the amount of detail and the variation in color that one can distinguish. When eyesight is less than optimal, a Five might become anxious. Working with KI-6 enhances vision by increasing the energy flow to the eyes. The Navel chakra controls eyesight as well, so it's usually a good idea to open this chakra also when eyesight is a problem.

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