Eclectic Energies

Energy Healing for
Enneagram Type 7 - The Enthusiast

Chakra meditations for

Acupressure on points

  • SP-6 to relax, and heal the effects of too much thinking on the body
  • P-7 (reduce) to calm, and heal the effects of too much excitement on the body (may help falling asleep)
  • SI-19 to focus, and listen to one's heart and the hearts of others


The Seven's search for fun and distraction causes restlessness and excitability. Consequently, Sevens frequently have a hard time falling asleep and tend to stay up too late. Acupressure on P-7 (reducing method) helps Sevens feel calmer and thus facilitates sleep. Getting enough sleep will, in turn, help the Seven feel calmer.

Thinking and anxiety

As Sevens are mental types, they tend to think too much. They are constantly planning and turning ideas over in their minds. This constant thinking can create an underlying fatigue that can be lifted by doing acupressure on SP-6. This point is also useful for alleviating the anxiety that Sevens often have (even though they are frequently unaware of it.) So, working with this point helps Sevens to feel calmer, more relaxed and thus more able to concentrate.

Becoming grounded

As Sevens become more grounded, they cease their attempt to escape anxieties. Strengthening the Root chakra will help to provide this sense of stability.

Listening to the heart

While Sevens think that they are receptive to the true desires of their hearts, they actually tend to act on impulse, which is something else entirely. Sometimes, in their pursuit of distraction, they can become insensitive to their true needs and to the needs of others. Working with SI-19 and opening the Heart chakra can help Sevens be more open to the messages of their hearts and more empathetic to others.

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