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Enneagram Type 8 - The Challenger

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Eights get angry easily as it makes them feel strong. However, being angry often creates a heat in the body that's unhealthy. It may show as a red face, headaches or feeling warm. This heat in turn contributes to more feelings of anger, resulting in a cycle that can be difficult to break. The points LIV-2 and LI-11 can dispel this heat (they need to be reduced for that effect, which is an uncommon acupressure technique).

Kindness instead of fighting

The Eight's focus on power and conflict may make them lose sight of the importance of compassion and kindness. Doing Heart chakra meditations can teach them that conflict isn't always the solution to differences.

Thinking before acting

As Eights tend to act on impulse and go with their instincts, they tend to underdevelop insight and thinking. Opening the upper two chakras, the Third Eye chakra and the Crown chakra, will help them to see more clearly and to think before acting.

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