Eclectic Energies

Energy Healing for
Enneagram Type 9 - The Peacemaker

Chakra meditations for

Acupressure on points

  • GB-44 for decisiveness and focus (while resolving anger), timidity, inertia
  • LIV-1 for assertiveness, discerning when to go along with others and when to assert oneself, self-esteem

Assertiveness and Self-esteem

Nines have trouble asserting themselves and with making themselves heard. As self-assertion is particularly associated with the Navel chakra and self-expression with the Throat chakra, doing meditations for these chakras is especially beneficial. Doing acupressure on LIV-1 is also appropriate. This point is sometimes called "Great Esteem," which indicates its ability to enhance the feeling of self-worth. Working with these techniques helps Nines to discern when they should go along with others and when they should assert themselves. This is very important for Nines as their natural tendency is to acquiesce too frequently to the wishes and needs of others.

Decisiveness and focus

The Nine's tendency to see situations from every possible angle before coming to a decision, actually leads to indecisiveness and lack of focus. Indecisiveness, in turn, leads to inertia and timidity. Working with acupressure point GB-44 can help Nines break this self-destructive cycle.

Passion and Feeling

Nines generally don't have a strong sense of their identity. Although it is also the result of their lack of self-assertion, their tendency to repress their feelings is a major cause. This can result in a lack of passion and even numbness. Opening the Sacral chakra helps them to get into contact with their feelings again, and thereby, with themselves. This will also help Nines to be more decisive.


Nines tend to be too self-effacing; they pay too little attention to themselves, to who they are. Doing meditations for the Crown chakra helps Nines achieve greater self-knowledge and self-awareness.

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