Eclectic Energies

Energy Healing for
Enneagram Type 6 - The Loyalist

Chakra meditations for

Acupressure on points

  • SP-6 to relax, and heal the effects of too much worrying, thinking and fear on the body
  • KI-3 for self-assuredness, and to heal the effects of fear on the body
  • KI-6 for restlessness, and to heal the effects of fear on the body
  • KI-4 to strengthen the will and dispel fear (only for phobic Sixes)


The basic problem for Sixes is their tendency to approach the world from an attitude of fear and anxiety. While counterphobic Sixes are generally not as aware of their fear as phobic Sixes, it is present nevertheless.

Acupressure points for Fear

Too much fear causes specific kinds of damage to the hormonal system of the body. This damage manifests as a kind of nervousness, which in turn, can easily lead to more fear. This damage can be counteracted by acupressure to points KI-3 and KI-6. Working with these points helps Sixes feel calmer and more sure of themselves. KI-6 is a particularly good point to access when a Six is feeling restless or anxious which sometimes results from overworking. Point KI-4 is specifically effective at dispelling fear which is especially important for phobic Sixes. It helps Sixes feel more sure of themselves and it strengthens the will.


Because of their fearful nature, Sixes tend to worry quite a bit. Acupressure point SP-6 is ideal for this as it helps to reduce the fatigue that is produced by worrying, induces a state of calm, and counteracts the damage to the body that is caused by fear.


As fear is most damaging to the Root chakra, it is of principal importance that Sixes work to strengthen this chakra. This will help Sixes feel more comfortable in distressing or unknown situations.

Assertiveness for phobic Sixes

Opening the Navel chakra will help Sixes overcome their lack of assertiveness. This is not usually indicated for counterphobic Sixes.


Sixes tend to lack faith in themselves and in the power of their own insight. This often manifests as an over reliance on authorities, belief systems and well established routines. Opening the Third Eye chakra helps Sixes to achieve insight so that they can learn to rely on their own judgment.

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